What can we do for you?

We believe in adding value in the service we offer our customers, so please feel free to discuss your ideas with us for professional advice. Below are the services and options we can offer with our installations. 

Absoute Aluminium Services
Security Benefits


We'll offer you peace of mind

As a home or business owner, security is always a top consideration when designing a building. With Absolute Aluminium’s products you are certain of receiving the best industry standards for safety. Laminated glass panes offer security when combined with the aluminium burglar bars and our new window and door designs limit unwanted access while maximising appeal. 


Replace your existing window frames

Rather than refurbishing your old wooden or steel window and door frames, replace them with aluminium frames. Aluminium is almost maintenance free, does not rust or rot and with the variety of colours, finishes and customizations on offer, it will complement your home perfectly, no matter your style or preference.



Because we know you're unique

At Absolute Aluminium we pride ourselves in our bespoke line of door and window frame combination designs, custom designed to match your style and taste. Have a look at the photo galleries on our product pages for examples of the creative applications of aluminium we have developed for our customers.


Options to suit your taste and requirements

Gone are the days of standard raw aluminium window and door frames. We offer a variety of colours and finishes on our products that, when combined with our unique designs, is guaranteed to enhance your home or office interiors and exteriors.

Colour Options