Aluminium Hinged
Entrance Doors

Each door comes complete with a handle, lock and keys. Doors can open inwards or outwards and double entrance doors come with flushbolts. A wide variety of handles and locks as well as colours are available to create whatever look is required.

Aluminium entrance doors will not swell, crack, split or warp over time and are virtually maintenance free due to their corrosion resistant properties. Aluminium is also four times stronger than wood and because they are glazed with 6.38 mm laminated glass they provide excellent security.

Our door-and-sidelight units offer the perfect solution for those who want to convert their garage into a living space by replacing the existing roll up door.

Hinged Doors Products

Most popular sizes

To help you make a decision on the perfect hinged door for your requirements, we have selected some of our most popular products below. If you would like to view the full range, please click the button to download our full product list.

Hinged Single Door

R 4980
SHD (900 x 2100mm)

Hinged Single Door Sidelights

R 12 600
SHD 750 SL2 (2400 x 2100mm)

Hinged Double Door

R 8750
DHD (1800 x 2100mm)

Hinged Double Door Sidelights

R 15 400
DHD 600 SL2 (3000 x 2100mm)

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some photos of our team in action and the various applications of our aluminium hinged doors,
from standard sizes and finishes, to custom designed solutions.