Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors & Sidelights

Aluminium sliding doors make it easy to bring the outdoors inside by creating a continuous flow between your home’s outdoor and indoor spaces. Since sliding doors have large glass panes, they offer fantastic views of your garden landscape and panoramic views beyond. They maximise any natural light, ensuring that you can enjoy floodlit interiors throughout the day.

In the past sliding doors earned a reputation for being dangerous because they weren’t always installed using safety glass. Today, however, this has all changed – homeowners can now get sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass. Sliding doors operate without a hinge – they simply glide along a track instead of swinging open. This means that no extra space is required for the door arc because they simply open up by one door sliding over another panel. They also offer easy access to the outdoor areas, which is especially useful during the hot summer months.

Most popular sizes

We have created a selection below of aluminium sliding doors most often requested by our customers. If you would like to view the full range, please click the button to download our full product list.

Doors are available in both the XO and OX configuration.

R 2,200
SD 1521 OX (1500 x 2100mm)

R 2,200
SD 1821 OX (1800 x 2100mm) 

R 2,200 + R 1,800 = R 4,000
SD 1821 OX + SL 621 (2400 x 2100mm)

R 2,780
SD 2421 OX (2400 x 2100mm)

R 4,010
SD 3021 OX (3000 x 2100mm)

R 5,450
SD 3021 OXXO (3000 x 2100mm) 

R 7,260
SD 4021 OXXO (4000 x 2100mm)

R 2,630 + R 2,900 = R 5,530
SD 2121 OX + SL 921 (3000 x 2100mm)

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some photos of our team in action, and the various applications of our aluminium sliding doors,
from standard sizes and finishes, to custom designed solutions.